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Your position: Home > 3D Pen

Idrawing 3D pen ID-182 Yousu 3D Tech 3Dprinting

no jamming issues slim design USB connect PCL compatible more stable and reliable fast nozzle replacement eco-friendly Low printing temperature
Item Code: TOPID-182
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  • Description


Mode name                                    ID-182
Materia                                         ABS/PLA
Lengthl                                          186mm
Voltage                                          3.7V   1.6A
Nozzle                                           0.7mm
Battery                                          YES
Battery lasting                               40min
Battery capacity                            1000mA.h
Auto power off                              YES
Auto retraction                              YES
Speed adjustment                          YES
Nozzle Temperature                      120℃
Taper nozzle temperature              70℃
Plug                                                 USB

packing list:
1. 3D pen x1
2. USB cable x1
3. 3D filament  (Each has 5 meters)
4. Tracesheet x1
5. Stencils x3
6. Userguide x1

How to use?
1. Connection with Power
Use power line (5V/2A) of this product connect with external power
supply and interface of 3D pen.
2. Mold selection
Long press of “On/Off key” for 2 seconds, yellow constant light,
LCD display screen default shows PLA, press “mold selection key”
randomly, convert to show ABS, can optional cyclic selection.
3. Preheating states
After confirm mold selection, press “preheating key”, Led indicator
light shinning, the 3D pen enters into preheating step, LCD display
screen start to rise temperature as setting. After reach appointed
temperature, LED red light turn off, green constant light.
4. Loading filament material
Insert the flatted filament into the end of pen “loading filament
hole”, press “Loading Key” to start loading material ( to suspend
if press loading key again ), until nozzle spew out consumable
material,the action of loading filament successful, can use normally.
5. Unloading / Return filament material
When Led indicator change to green and constantly light, press “
return /unloading key” start returning filament from 3D pen, while
the filament fully return from pen, then press “return / unloading
key “ stop returning filament material. Or start returning material
for 20 seconds, automatically stop returning filament material.
6. Speed Key
Can change speed according to different usage requirement in the
normalusage process; while pull down “speed key”, the speed
gradually slow; while pull up “speed key”, the speed gradually
7. Temperature adjustment
Can adjust temperature according to different usage requirement and
different filament material in the normal usage process; press
“Heating-up Key” to adjust required temperature; press “Heating
-down key” to adjust as needed temperature. While the
temperature have adjusted nearly as limited value, it is unable to
continue to adjust.
8. Change filament material
Repeated operate guide 5, returning filament material; repeated
operate guide 4 again, loading filament material.
9. Standby mode
In the normal usage process, if there is no operation in 2 minutes,
enter into standby mold; while indicator light die out, LED display
screen show as “SLEEP” in 1 minute and then turn off. Click
“preheating key” to wake up, red light shinning and enter into
preheat mold.
10. End working
Finish working,return out filament and cut off power source.
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