Future of 3D printing
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By Yahoo Finance Video | 17 July 2021 | 0 Comments

Markforged CEO on SPAC debut, future of 3D printing

Q1:Walk me through the case here for companies to be working with you versus sort of sourcing through the traditional routes. Does it accelerate the process to go through 3D printing?

SHAI TEREM: Yes, so I think most of our customers are using us to, let's say, take traditional manufacturing to the next phase. I would say there are two megatrends that are happening in the manufacturing world. The first one is that everyone is looking for something which is better than metal. If it's stronger, lighter, no corrosion, easier to fabricate, and this is where advanced composites goes into play.

Q2:What are maybe those hurdles that you still need to overcome?

SHAI TEREM: Yeah. I would say the biggest hurdle is traditional manufacturing. I would say most of the decision makers on the manufacturing floor have 20, 30 years of experience, which means that they not grew up with the additive state of mind. We do see it changing over time, and the new generation of engineers that's going out to produce all the products that we consume eventually are growing with additive in their state of mind from the high school to colleges, et cetera.

Q3:When you look across the sectors that you work with, where are you seeing the biggest demand as a result of the shortages? Is it an autos? Is it in aerospace? What do you see?

SHAI TEREM: I would say now it's across the board. So everyone feels it. If it's a software manufacturer, aerospace, automotive, you can see shortages all over. And we feel it as well, by the way. When we produce our machines, we also feel this shortage. We got to a level that some of the parts in our solution being printed by the printer that's actually being sold after, which is extremely unique. But this is the case, and this is how we really use our solution to solve this problem of limited or very problematic supply chains.

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