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Yousu 3D Printer Resin iForm181 LCD Standard photopolymer for 405nm UV Curing Light, High Resolution & Reliable for Most Printer

TOPLCD resin 181
[Good detail printing performance] - High resolution for detail printing performance. Micro hole and small pillar can be printed.
[Strong adhesion on build platform] - Don’t worry about “printed parts drop off from build platform” issue if follow instruc
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Product description

Color:Gray White Black Skin  |  Size:1000g   500g

[Good detail printing performance] - High resolution for detail printing performance. Micro hole and small pillar can be printed. [Strong adhesion on build platform] - Don’t worry about “printed parts drop off from build platform” issue if follow instruction. Strong adhesion on build platform can be expected. [Less debris for big screen] - Customized recipe assures better debris performance on LCD screen, even for big screen like 12.1 inches, colorful LCD screen or Black/white screen. [Compatibility] - Compatible with most LCD printer with 405nm wavelength. From 5.5 inches LCD screen to 12.1 inches. [Technical support available] - Every buyer can get a pdf version instruction. We provide on line technical service. More technical support can get from “support@”. Resin Parameter:181
Hardness: 73D~81D
Volume Shrinkage:3%~5%
Line shrinkage: X-axis:0.5%~0.9%,Y-axis:1.2%~2%
Density: 1.05
Flexure Strength: 45Mpa~50Mpa
Extension Strength:37Mpa~42Mpa
Elongation at Break:7%~9%
Shelf Life: 1year
Way to Rinse:Clean with alcohol spray or IPA and air gun
Suitable for: LCD/DLP 3D Printer
Application: General modeling & Industrial prototype proofing
Storage method
1.Please keep resin in room temperature (15 - 35 degrees Celsius) and Sealed storage,the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity of the resin.
2.Keep away from light seals at room temperature.
1.Shake well before use, prohibiting the use of resin in places where there is a lot of sunlight.
2.Wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.
3.Printed models need to use high-concentration alcohol to clean about 30S (recommended concentration of 95% or more, the higher the better)

Yousu, a true manufacturer has 6+ years experience on 3D filament!

*100% non-knotted - Perfect filament winding that compatible with the most FDM/FFF 3D printers. You don’t need to bear printing failure after 8 hours printing or more due to tangle issue.
*No warping & Good Layer Bonding – Excellent first layer adhesion to reduce warpage, shrinkage, curl and print failure. Good layer bonding strength make the printing parts stronger.
*Purity material & Precision Diameter – avoid print failure jam or clog and making you a smoothly printing & better surface.
*Non-brittle & Good Overhang Performance – Unique based recipe assure you can print stronger and more overhang model. Less stringing.
*Technical support available – we can support on how to use our material on your printer. Technical support available via E-mail:
Why Yousu?
I, True manufacturer - 6+ years in 3D filament business over the world.
II, Tangle free winding to assure you high success rate of 3d printing. When you buy the roll, you can expect continuous printing without tangle issue.
III, Unique recipe – Make the filament less brittle and assure less stringing and better overhang performance.
IV, Precision diameter control. On line X & Y dimension diameter laser control and SGS ISO 9001 compliance plant assure us better capability to provide accurate product to consumer. As a return our consumer can get smoothly printing surface and less clogging issue.
V, Timely technical support even before purchase. If you have any questions or you want to know whether our products are suitable for your printer. You can write email to us and we can provide support to you.
What you can get?
You can get one roll of vacuum sealed 3D printer filament with desiccant, resealed plastic bag, a nice package box.
Furthermore, you can get one user guide of how to print PLA material, some printing tips, and a wide range of filament selection option for you.
Ready to go? Yeah!
What’s your innovation with Yousu filament?
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