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YOUSU 3D VIP Customer Service Team

Guangzhou Yousu3D Technology Co., Ltd  VIP Customer Global Service Center  Service Introduction
Welcome! YOUSU 3D VIP Customer Service Team was Officially launched on October 27, 2015, the main service targets are high-quality dealers, agents and important end users. Through the advantages of Guangzhou Yousu 3D Technology Co., Ltd.'s global marketing network, you can enjoy professional and global high-quality services

In addition to providing basic product services, there are emergency assistance services such as we can support how to use our material on your printer. Technical support available via e-mail:[email protected]. In addition, it also provides new product pre-sale experience, VIP customer customization service, VIP exclusive price and other value-added services.

★ Services include

    1. Basic services
    a.Product information sharing, including catalog, videos, images, etc.
    b.Local product sales price guide
    c.Trend data analysis of hot products in the global market in the industry each season.

   2. Emergency services:
    a.Technic support  of the products
    b.Reasonable payment extension period in special period.
    c.Appropriate cross-regional warehousing misappropriation

   3. Value-added services:
    a.Reasonable payment extension period in special period.
    b.Provide high-quality and timely logistics and distribution channels
    c.Joint research and development of new products cooperation

★ Service hours:

     Monday to Friday: 8:30-16:00 Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-14:00 Holidays off

★ Service team:

   a. Customer Manager: Professional product manager service follow-up in 4 regions (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe,       Middle East)

   b. Customer Support:  Professional product manager service follow-up in 4 regions (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East)

★ Address and Contact Number:

    ADD.:(A2 fourth floor)Building 1, No. 4, Lixin 7th Road, XianCun Town, ZengCheng District, Guangzhou
    Tel.:  0086 20 32093406 
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