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New Products of YOUSU 3d filament 3d resin. Professional manufactuer in 3d printing from China

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Many thanks for reaching this page. Here we will introduce more about our products including 3D printing filament,resin and 3D pen for their properites,features,applications,printing settings etc. If you are interested in our products, please keep this page or add it to your browser
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Doubel Layer PLA Double-layer co-extrusion is a unique technology developed by YOUSU 3D.
The top feature is every point filament has two layers
(Inner layer & and outer layer).
The inner layer is black, outer layer is transparent with Glitter.
This feature can produce many amazing effects
beyond imagination Read more
Metallic Color Resin YOUSU Metallic Series Resin originates from bionics.
YOUSU launched this structural color change resin.
It will change the color when you look at the model from different angles .
So you need to keep the surface you want to be metallic
parallel to the platform. Read more
Dual color filament
Dual color PLA 3d printing filament becomes
more and more popular in consuming 3d printing
market these days. We can find lots makers,
creative designer talking about the dual color
filament on social media groups. But why it's
popular?  Read more
UTH Nebula 
Dual color Resin

UTH Nebula series resin is a dual-color resin that
can display two different colors in liquid. It’s based
on YOUSU's unique technology that can make
color separated in liquid. Currently, it is a
unique technology controlled by YOUSU 3D.
Read more
iForm184 dental model resin  YOUSU 3D dedicate to developing photo-curing dental
model resin for 3D printing digital solutions and
keep developing leading and high-quality 3D printing
materials for digital dentistry. Read more
 iForm Castable resin for Jewelry&Dental YOUSU 3D Castable Resin uses for finely detailed patterns direct casting, shows the characteristics of low shrinkage, high precision, and high hardness, and burns stably without ash residue.


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